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Sensory room

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Щербаков Александр
Щербаков Александр
на Флагма с 1 июня 2015


1. A conceptually new anti-depression room(Sensory room) for psycho-emotional Please find information about my services/inventions under the project named discharge and relaxation specially projected for achieving maximum relaxation effect. According to reviews from experts in the industry, such a room does not exist today in the world.
2. Frameless glass floors “Star sky”which create a deep space effect 3D system. Floors are constructed under a frameless base and using this technology, we can make podiums, go-go floor areas and strip-tease podiums. The above deep space effect technology has been invented/patented by us.
3. Fireproof stretch ceilings “Polar lights” made from mirror polymer film which when projected by light rays create a spectacular effect.
4. Acrylight panels and lamps of different types. Panels andlamps can be both the central interior composition or as additional elements. We have developed various options for lighting installations and compositions in combination with other techniques of execution.

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на Флагма с 1 июня 2015
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