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Sea salt with additives «Sunny Batumi»,200 g

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Sea salt with additives "Sunny Batumi" is the key to any dish. Easy to use. Convenient packaging. The ideal price. "Charismatic" taste and excellent aroma. All this is in one seasonal "Sunny Batumi".

Sometimes when preparing a dish, we wonder which spices and spices to put? Are they combined with our product and dish? How much salt to put? Sea salt with additives "Sunny Batumi" can answer all these questions.

The simplicity of this seasoning is explained very simply: all the components that make up this mixture are saturated on special columns. Each spice and spice is pre-selected. Sea salt is saturated with each spice for a long time. This makes it possible to keep this mixture open for a long time. At the same time esters from spices do not evaporate. The seasoning retains its flavor.

A mixture of peppers, garlic, coriander, a mixture of greens, sea salt - all this allows you not to be afraid of harmful components and to use boldly in your various dishes.

">>" Do you want a universal seasoning? " We are ready to send you this product to mail. Moreover, the package contains more than 200 grams of seasoning. This will allow you to significantly save on other more expensive condiments.

Buy sea salt with seasonings from TM "VikShir" today is possible.
Preparing any product with sea salt with seasonings "Sunny Batumi", you will get a really nice, special taste.
The price is indicated for 200 grams, but, according to your wish, various packing is possible, including: wholesale sales, sale by bank transfer.

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